How Long Will Drug Rehab St Louis MO Take?

Any successful rehabilitation journey requires adequate planning. Planning is important for drug rehab St Louis MO because it enables you to take care of your finances, bills, family, and other obligations while you are away. The duration of stay in rehabilitation determines the amount of money you spend and how long you need to be excused from work and bills, etc.

It is impossible to provide a constant or universal answer to the duration taken for a person in rehab. There are numerous factors that determine the time you will attend rehabilitation session. It is by understanding these factors that you can estimate the actual rehabilitation duration.

Level Of Addiction

The level of addiction determines the attention given to a patient and recovery period. Persons who have been using drugs for a long period might take longer to be free as opposed to those who have just started on drugs. Depending on the level and type of addiction, you have the option of inpatient and outpatient treatment. Inpatient may take a very short time, as much as a month, but follow-up counseling extends longer. Generally, a person who has been on drugs for a longer period will require more rehabilitation hours.

Type Of Drug

Addicts deal with different drugs. Beyond that, there are drugs that present a stiffer challenge during rehabilitation compared to others. Some require medication and slow down injections while others can be stopped and substituted with healthier options that are not drug related. Some addictions are easily cured with lifestyle changes and life skill training. A change of location and daily schedule will help some to hasten their recovery. Initial assessment by an expert will help you determine how long it will take to treat a particular addiction.

Commitment To Be Clean

Therapists, friends, family members and other interested parties may commit a lot of time and effort in rehabilitation, but it will take a person decision to deliver results. An addict who is willing to commit time for rehabilitation and works tirelessly will stay for a shorter period in rehab. Such an addict should be ready to follow the directions of counselors in order to boost the chances of recovery. There must be commitment to sacrifice time and resources towards rehabilitation. Consistency is also vital to avoid relapse or dragging treatment and recovery too far.

Type Of Care Required

Addicts require care based on the level of addiction and drug involved. Some stages demand intensive inpatient rehabilitation while others will do with outpatient care. In other cases, counseling will be applied with good results. Some addicts will go through the full rehabilitation program involving inpatient rehab, outpatient and follow-up sessions. Each addresses different aspects of addiction with the aim of steering the addict towards recovery.

Knowing how long you take at drug rehab St Louis MO makes planning easier. Talk to our experts to get a more accurate diagnosis. This knowledge will enable you focus on treatment and thus achieve better results.